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Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 Review

Spy X Family poster

The first 12 episodes of part 1 end with a preview of what's to expect in part 2. The format slightly changes in the second half because some attacks are structured differently. Some episodes are divided into two parts, telling different stories. We also get introduced to other characters that play an integral role in the story.

The second part starts with the family looking for a dog for Anya. They go to a pet adoption event, and Anya reads a mind of a white dog and sees a vision of her family. Knowing that the dog will be the one she will choose, she follows it and ends up in the terrorist's base. The enemies discover Anya, but the dog helps her escape. The enemies chase them but are prevented by Yor, who quickly dispatches them. Anya learns from the dog's future vision that Loid will die from a bomb explosion. She tries to be a hero and saves him from danger. They adopted the dog, and soon Anya named her Bond, after her favorite superhero.

The second half of part 2 introduces us to another agent from WISE named Fiona Frost. Surprisingly, she admires and has feelings for Loid. She tries to compete with Yor on who should be his proper housewife.

The Characters

  • Bond Forger - An adult Pyrenees Mountain dog with clairvoyance ability. Anya is the only one who knows his power. We don't see much of it, but he's a fun character. He is a pretty exciting addition to the Forger family that would make them more eccentric.

  • Fiona Frost - One of Loid's colleagues at WISE. He trained her, and due to her excellent ability as a spy, she hides her emotions very well. However, she has an affection for Loid and mentions that Yor is unworthy to be his housewife. She is an entertaining character, and her presence adds depth to the spy business.


I am not sure if episodes there are side stories injected within the second part, especially those with multiple stories in one. This is no different than the first half and still delivers some hilarious moments that make the series enjoyable.

What makes it different than the first part is that the story moves slowly this time. I am not sure if the anime producers don't want to catch up quickly with the manga, but I felt like the story progressed only a few steps since the first part.

The characters are still adorable. Since they added Bond to the family, I feel his presence and personality will add a little depth to the Forgers.

Spy x Family focuses on wacky and cute characters with an easygoing storyline. It is definitely an anime that everyone can enjoy. Even if you are not a fan of anime in general but love comedies and cute things, this should be on your list.

Spy x Family Season 1: A solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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