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Mob Psycho 100 S1 and S2 Review

Anime adaptations from manga have not been perfectly reciprocated because some series tend to stay away from the original plot. Some series focuses mainly on scenes that they over-animate to make them look more excellent or unique.

Since the series debuted in 2016, Mob Psycho 100 anime has consistently delivered top-notch animation and a carefully written plot.


We follow the story of a young high school boy named Shigeyo Kageyama, a.k.a. Mob. He is an introvert that looks boring from the perspectives of others. However, he hides a secret that he is a powerful esper or telepath equipped with immense psychic powers. The anime details the struggle of Mob as he controls his emotions before it reaches their boiling point. To help him moderate his feelings, he joined Arataka Reigen's exorcist fraud agency as an assistant.

Mob lives a normal daily life like others, but troubles caused by other espers or spirits tend to follow him. He tries his best to limit his emotions, but little by little, they become increasingly hard to control. At the same time, he has to fulfill the desires of his boss to help him earn a living.


We meet many essential and wide-array characters throughout the first and second seasons.

  • Shigeyo Kageyama/Mob - The series protagonist. A typical high school boy who works as an assistant at Reigen's agency. He rarely displays emotion. That's why he also has trouble understanding those around him. He's like an outcast at school but soon gets appreciated when he tries to step beyond his boundaries, like joining the fitness club. He views his powers as a hindrance that's why he seldom uses them. Unlike his simple appearance, Mob is a deep and layered character, so it's hard to understand what he is up to.

  • Arataka Reigen - Mob's boss in his agency. He is manipulative when convincing Mob about his achievements but views him as a friend. He promised him never to use his powers against other people. He may be a selfish character, but he sincerely cares about Mob.

  • Dimple - For most of the first season, he was the pseudo-villain posing as a religious group leader who gains supporters through charisma and deception. In reality, he is a spirit that possesses other people to gain followers. He becomes Mob's side-by-side buddy throughout the first two seasons, sometimes advising him about his feelings toward his crush. Dimple may have been a cunning villain at first, but during the second season, he helps Mob regain himself when he loses control of his emotions.

  • Ritsu Kageyama - Mob's younger brother. He thinks he is inferior due to Mob's psychic abilities. It wasn't until the second season that he developed psychic powers and became a strong Esper capable of battling others.

  • Teruki Hanazawa - the villain at the end of the first season but became a trusted ally during the second and third seasons. He is a powerful Esper capable of fighting the unleashed Mob on equal grounds. Unlike Mob, he uses his powers in his daily activities.

  • Touchiro Suzuki - the villain of the second season. He is a mighty Esper capable of going toe-to-toe with Mob. His goal is to find his ex-wife and world domination.


Mob Psycho 100's first two seasons are a blast. You may be familiar with its art style because its creator is the same as who created One Punch Man. Both Mob and Saitama share similarities, like how overpowered they are but naive about the society around them.

What makes Mob Psycho 100 different is that the story plays right along with its top-level animation. It dwells on constructing a plot centered around a singular character, with the supporting cast playing a vital role in his development. The animation is similar to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Kill La Kill. It's raw and rough, like how Mob goes through his daily life.

The supporting characters are wild. You develop a love-hate relationship between them throughout the first two seasons. It's hard to constantly admire a specific character, primarily because after a few episodes, he becomes a semi-villain or something.

The central theme of this anime is what happens when you hide your emotions. Like a child going through puberty and school life, he experiences heartbreak, bullies, and challenges. His friends around him support him until he becomes a full-fledged man.

The first two seasons of this anime have undoubtedly exceeded my expectations regarding the animation and story quality. Mob Psycho 100 establishes itself by mixing its characters with on-point humor, action, and drama to stamp its incredible story. Unlike One Punch Man, which is always one-sided, the creator makes a multi-layered character stuck in a whirlwind of challenges called growing up.

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