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Chainsaw Man (2022) Anime Review

Chainsaw Man is revered by many as one of the best new-generation animes to be shown. A title that Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen fans can argue.

This new breed of anime stunned fans with its majestic animation incomparable to even the shonen juggernauts, One Piece, and Bleach. Maybe even the animators had to exert considerable effort to make this series on top of their game.

But what does Chainsaw Man have to offer?

Plot Summary

It follows the story of a young man named Denji, who lived most of his life in poverty, trying to pay the debt behind his late father. He works as a Devil Hunter with Pochita, his pet dog that resembles Chainsaw Devil. He dreams of settling down with his partner and living a peaceful life. One day, Denji took on a job from a yakuza boss to exterminate some Devils in an abandoned warehouse. However, he was set up, and the Zombie Devil immediately killed and dismembered him. As he was on the brink of death, he heard Pochita saying that he would become Denji's heart so that he could follow his dream. Given a second life, Denji confronts the Zombie Devil again. He pulls Pochita's string attached to his chest, making him appear like a Human-Devil hybrid with chainsaws attached to his arms and head. He overpowers his enemy and dispatches them with ease. This event alerted the Public Safety Devil Hunters led by Makima, who recruited Denji under their cause.


Chainsaw Man's first season introduced some pretty interesting characters.

  • Denji - the story's main character. At first, he is a helpless kid who gets saved by his dog Pochita after being tricked by the yakuza. His Chainsaw Devil form looks great. The manga artist who created it might have a ton of inspiration for other popular characters. He is flawed during the first season because of his recklessness and lustful desire toward Makima.

  • Makima - a mysterious and cunning woman who leads group 4 of the Tokyo Division of the Public Safety Organization. She is very manipulative and hides her complete nature from almost everyone. She is a tough nut to crack, and everyone fears her.

  • Power - the blood fiend who works under the same group as Denji. She is a greedy person who loves violence. She becomes friends with Denji and Aki.

  • Aki - a devil hunter who works under Makima's squad. He seeks revenge against the Gun Devil, who killed his family. He is mature and dependable and profoundly cares for Denji and Power.


Chainsaw Man brings in the feeling of something fresh in the eyes and how an anime should look in the future. It stands out by inducting its technological advancement in animation, which looks excellent the more you view it.

The story does not stand out against Shonen legends but brings a fresh look at what we could expect in future manga or anime as people enjoy series that deals with mature topics while mesmerizing the art style.

The first season mainly focuses on the introduction of the Chainsaw Man world. It doesn't dwell much on the story's movement but concentrates on the characters and how they interact. We don't see many twists that might turn our heads yet. However, the following seasons might be different as the story moves on.

Chainsaw Man is widely regarded for its surprising rise in popularity, even among people who don't read or watch anime. It might not be for everyone because of having mature topics and scenes.

The first season of Chainsaw Man is a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars for me.

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