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Zootopia (2016) Review

In 2016, Disney held an astounding five out of the top 10 highest-grossing films. Movies like Civil War, Finding Dory, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Jungle Book, and Zootopia held the top 5 spots.

Zootopia is a definite blockbuster success in the United States and worldwide. Many deemed it one of the most enjoyable animated films of the century.

Plot Overview

Zootopia follows the story of a young rabbit named Judy Hopps in the rural town of Bunnyborrow. Her childhood is marked by carnivorous bullies who want to exploit her herbivore weakness. She dreams of becoming the first rabbit police officer and serving in the urban city of Zootopia. She graduates as a valedictorian and fulfills her dream. However, during her first assignment, she was assigned to parking duty by Chief Bogo.

During her first day, she was scammed by small-time crooks Nick Wilde and Finnick because of her naivety. She abandons her post the next day after seeing Duke Weaselton stealing a bag. She successfully arrests him and saves Fru Fru. Chief Bogo reprimands her for her bravery. Meanwhile, Mrs. Otterton arrives and pleads to the police officers to find her husband, Emmitt, who has been missing along with thirteen other predators. Judy agrees to help with the investigation, but Chief Bogo tells her she only has forty-eight hours or must resign.

Her first lead is something involving Nick Wilde. She forced him to help after recording his tax evasion confession. They track Emmitt's trace to Mr. Big, an Arctic shrew crime boss with a history with Nick. He tells them that Emmitt went savage and attacked a black jaguar named Manchas. As Nick and Judy interrogate Manchas, he becomes savage and attacks the two. They seek the help of Chief Bogo and the police, but he demands that Judy resign. Nick reminds him that she still has ten hours to solve the case.


Zootopia features a star-studded cast involving the voice talents of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, and many more. Appearing in this film is Shakira, who voiced and sang as the pop star Gazelle.

Zootopia is undoubtedly a fun animation movie that cradles itself with its diverse animal characters and world-building. I absolutely adored the creativity of the urban city Zootopia with all its unique weather and climate features that suit animals depending on their kind.

What Zootopia is known for is its lesson for breaking stereotypes. It excellently conveys the message by showing it through animal instincts and treating them as humans.

Overall, Zootopia is an ageless film that everyone can enjoy. While watching this movie, you may have different perspectives, but everything about it kicks ass, from the characters to the groovy soundtrack, sung mainly by Shakira.

A great 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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