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Wall-E (2008) Movie Review

Pulling off a movie with minimal dialogue takes guts and creativity while still carrying its message. We sometimes remember films with their iconic lines, but this one is a little bit different.

2008's Wall-E brought us one of Pixar's unique films. But don't let this little cleaner bot fool you because its message is as huge as the universe.

Plot Overview

Set in the future, the Earth is almost lifeless, with rampant pollution and garbage dominating the streets that people used to walk to. The oxygen has gone down to critical levels, and the people decided to leave the planet and live in a self-sufficient ship while trash-compacting robots try to clean everything.

Wall-E, a tiny cleaner bot, spends most of its time doing its routine job. One day it gets interrupted when an unmanned ship arrives. The ship carries a robot called Eve. It is sent to Earth to check for possible signs of life. Wall-E tries to persuade Eve and get its attention but to no avail until it shows the robot its latest find, a seedling kept in a boot. After the discovery, Eve enters standby mode, and soon the ship comes to pick it up. Wall-E follows Eve and joins it to the boat called Axiom.

We learn that humans, throughout time, grew weight excessively to the point that they are no longer able to walk. Robots cater to their basic functions while they sit comfortably in their floating chairs. The ship is led by Captain McCrea, who is stuck on a floating chair like everyone. The controls are being monitored by an AI called AUTO. It was mentioned that when a plant or any source of life from Earth is deposited into the ship, it will hyperjump back to Earth.

Wall-E arrives at Axiom, trying to rescue Eve cluelessly. However, just as Eve was about to deliver the plant to the Captain, Wall-E hid it, and Eve was deemed faulty and needed repairs.


It's not difficult to like Wall-E because of its unique concept and character designs. It has delightful moments that make this a great popcorn-type of movie.

While Wall-E contains little to no dialogue in most of its scenes, it still clarifies what would happen if we do not take care of the planet. It's like a Hayao Miyazaki film produced by Pixar, and I love their creativity in sending the message. Maybe shortly, when our planet is inhabitable, and people decide to leave it, we'll be stuck on our floating chairs and rely on technology to do most of our daily functions. It's quite horrifying, to be honest.

I like that this film has no dull moments. It's delightful, and those no-dialogue scenes don't even matter. The soundtrack also brings emotion to the seemingly emotionless robots.

A good

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