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Up (2009) Review

There might not be another Pixar film that came too close to winning the Best Picture at the Academy Awards than 2009's Up. It's tough that it lost against The Hurt Locker, but it still packs the same punch.

This light-hearted film was popularized with its 15-minute opening sequence that tugs your heart and tears you up. It's fascinating that they did this in an animated film and with limited dialogue. After that opening sequence, the film gets better.

Plot Overview

A young Carl Friedriecksen is a massive fan of a popular explorer named Charles Muntz. He made a name for his adventurous deeds that shook the entire world. However, he was discredited after people discovered that the huge bird skeleton he found during his trip to South America was fake. Muntz vows to correct his mistakes, make a final voyage to Paradise Falls, and return the living specimen.

Meanwhile, Carl meets Ellie, who shows him a scrapbook of her adventures. They both dream of venturing into Paradise Falls and moving home there. Carl and Ellie marry a few years later and begin saving for their dream. However, after suffering from a miscarriage, the couple used their savings for their needs. They live a happy life until they get older. Carl wanted to surprise Ellie with a ticket to Paradise Falls, but she fell ill and died. She gave him the scrapbook of her adventures as a memorial.

A few years later, Carl, now in his 70s, is too stubborn to move to a retirement home despite his surroundings being converted to skyscrapers. After getting into an altercation that wounded one of the workers, he was told to vacate the place. Carl keeps his promise to Ellie, attaches helium balloons to the house, and flies away. However, his adventure is met by an unnecessary stowaway, Russell, an eight-year-old scout who wants to earn his final merit badge in assisting the elderly.


Up is a massive film packed with laughs, tears, adventures, and many exciting things. It's one of those movies that revolves around a few characters, but they are established so well that it does not feel incomplete.

What's astounding about this film is despite being an animation, the characters and the story feel very close to the heart. It's an easy watch; you can relate to it very well. The film hooks you from the start until the end.

The character and animal designs are also realistic. It wasn't exaggerated. That's why Up delivered its themes very well.

A perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

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