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Treasure Planet (2002) Movie Review

This is not Star Wars, Star Trek, or any space-filled adventure that stamps itself because of its popularity and incredible storytelling. This might not be in anyone's suggestion if you're going to discuss fictional movies that are intergalactic.

Treasure Planet might have been one of those hidden gems that Walt Disney Animation Studios created because it deserves to be ranked similarly to other well-known classics.

Set on a fictional planet, Montressor, a young Jim Hawkins, is amazed by the tales of the space pirate Captain Flint, especially on his ability to disappear without a trace, which leads him to believe about his treasures hidden on an unknown planet. When Jim was a teenager, his father abandoned him, and he now lives and works with his mother, Sarah. One day, a spacecraft crashes near the inn where he and his mother work. The dying pilot gives Jim a sphere and warns them about a certain cyborg. Pirates soon attack, and with the help of their friend Dr. Doppler, they are able to escape. Upon inspecting the sphere, Jim discovers it is a map leading to the location of the fabled Treasure Planet.

JIm and his mother

Dr. Doppler commissions the help of the R.L.S. Legacy, led by their captain, Amelia, and her first mate, Mr. Arrow. On the other hand, the crew is led by the cyborg cook, John Silver, whom Jim suspects is the one talked about by the dying pilot. Amelia sent Jim to work under the surveillance of Silver and his pet Morph to be helpful. The two form a father-son relationship. When the ship encounters a supernova, Jim ensures everyone's safety by securing their lifelines. A cunning crew member, Scroop, cut Mr. Arrow's lifeline making him fall toward the black hole. Jim was blamed because of this.

Discovering the treasure

When they reach the Treasure Planet, a mutiny led by John Silver ensues. Dr. Doppler, Amelia, Jim, and Morph abandon the ship and head toward the planet. They were shot down and wounded Amelia. They hid inside a cave and met B.E.N., an abandoned robot by Captain Flint who was missing a piece of his memory. The pirates were able to corner them, but Jim, Morph, and B.E.N. went to the Legacy to retrieve the map. They are able to fend off Scroop, but they are caught by Silver upon their return.

John Silver forces Jim to use the map, which leads them to a portal that can go to different locations in the universe. They soon realized Captain Flint's treasure was hidden in the planet's core. The pirates grabbed what they could but tripped the sensor causing the world to self-destruct. Jim found the skeletal remains of Captain Flint and the missing piece of B.E.N.'s memory. The robot remembers that Flint rigged the planet to collapse once the treasure is discovered. Silver attempts to escape in a ship filled with glory but abandons it to save Jim. Almost all of them were able to run on time aboard the Legacy.

Doctor Doppler and Amelia

Back home, Jim allows Silver to escape and gives him Morph and a handful of treasure to help him rebuild the inn. The movie ends with Dr. Doppler and Amelia now happily married, B.E.N. working as a waiter in the inn, and Jim now a full-fledged star-cadet, thanks to Silver's mentorship.

This movie has so much untapped potential, but I wondered why they didn't establish a franchise. They could have made a direct sequel or a spin-off film or series but failed to do so.

John Silver serving some soup

I genuinely like the film. Not my all-time favorite, but I enjoyed it as much as other Disney films. It is a mix of comedy, drama, and lots of adventures. I am kind of disappointed that the movie span just 95 minutes. I wish it were longer to have a full view of the universe they were in. Or if they just made a sequel, maybe we could have explored more.

The movie started and ended like a breeze. The story is very fast-paced. Sometimes I wish that it just took its time to build the plot before completing it in a climactic fashion. I honestly like those fictional films, especially those with a vast universe, to take their time to explain some bits and pieces before ending the story. It makes it more satisfying to watch.

Finding the treasure

Honestly, I never thought that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the one who voiced Jim Hawkins. Maybe I got used to seeing him in other films, such as Inception, 500 Days of Summer, and Looper. It's pretty astounding that I have seen one of his earlier works.

Despite being a sci-fi space adventure movie, I like that it mixes several real-world elements. The ship they use is similar to the boats we have here. It's not like a Star Wars ship or something that is very intergalactic. They made it very simple and close to what we have.

Overall, I still would have preferred that the story has a continuation. I hope they explore it in the future if possible.

I will give Treasure Planet a 3 out of 5 stars.

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