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Training Day (2001) Movie Review

Training Day is a movie that garnered Denzel Washington his first and only Best Actor award at the Oscars. His exceptional talent as a menacing villain figure showcases how good he is.

This movie may look like a typical good-cop-bad-cop but is driven by the astounding character development embedded in a gut-wrenching film.

Plot Overview

Training Day follows an ambitious and enthusiastic LAPD Officer named Jake Hoyt. He is gunning for a promotion until he is assigned under Detective Alonzo Harris, a highly decorated narcotics officer, for an evaluation. They begin the day roaming the streets with Alonzo's Chevrolet Monte Carlo and catch some kids buying marijuana. Alonzo confiscates it and asks Hake to try and smoke it, but he refuses. He threatens him by pointing a gun at him and telling him that refusing would kill him. Jake obliges and begins smoking.

Alonzo and Jake soon visited an ex-cop turned drug dealer named Roger. After leaving, Jake spots a pair of addicts attempting to rape a girl. He intervenes and saves her while Alonzo watches on the side.

Later, Jake and Alonzo apprehend a drug dealer named Blue. He informs them of his employer, Kevin Miller, also known as Sandman. Alonzo uses a fake warrant, searches Sandman's home, and steals $40,000. They soon visit Alonzo's mistress, Sara, and their son. Jake takes a nap while Alonzo meets up with three corrupt officers who inform him that the Russian mafia is looking for him because of his debt. He offers a search warrant in exchange for the $40,000.

Jake, Alonzo, and other narcotics officers use the arrest warrant to steal $4 million from Roger. Alonzo kills Roger and stages a shootout to make it look justified. Jake gets angry and vows to arrest Alonzo.


Training Day has brought in the talents of several incredible actors like Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn, Eva Mendez, and many more. Snoop Dogg has a small cameo role in this film.

Training Day boasts action-packed and gut-wrenching drama that establishes itself with its incredible characters. Denzel Washington's character as an evil and corrupt cop is spot on. You may get used to him playing as a hero, but you hate him for his role here.

The legacy of this film garnered a TV Series of the same name. I haven't tried watching it, but it shows how good and influential this movie is.

Overall, I like the narrative of having a good cop win face against all odds to arrest an evil, corrupt colleague.

A good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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