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The Whale (2022) Movie Review

The Whale is a movie that garnered so much attention when Brendan Frasier stamped his name as one of the best when he received a 6-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Many said this film is an emotional comeback in Hollywood for the actor.

If you are planning to watch this film, you need to bring lots of tissues because this will make you cry.

Plot Overview

The Whale follows the story of Charlie, an obese English teacher who teaches his students online. He has a habit of turning his webcam off because he does not want his students to see his face. He is taken care of by Liz, his nurse friend, who advises him to go to a hospital, but Charlie mentions that he cannot afford his medical care. When he faces difficulty breathing, he reads an essay of Moby Dick to calm him. One day, he was visited by Thomas, a missionary from a nearby church who preached about saving him. Charlie has a routine of ordering a pizza box at night and leaving money in the mailbox so he won't physically interact with the delivery guy.

Charlie hopes to reconnect with his daughter, Ellie, after leaving her and her wife eight years ago to be with his lover, Alan. He has been saving money for the future of Ellie, and he is willing to give it to her in exchange for spending time with her. Ellie agrees, but he needs to help her with her homework.

Charlie's health worsens, and Liz offers him a wheelchair so he can still roam around his home. It was revealed that Liz's brother committed suicide after joining the church ministry where Thomas is working. Despite her objections, Thomas continues his pledge to help Charlie.

Ellie continues to be disgusted with his father as his condition worsens. She also discovers Thomas' secret and posts it on her social media. Charlie does everything to win her daughter's trust before he begins to fade away.


You cannot view this film without praising the performance of Brendan Frasier. His performance is not only realistic but heart-wrenching as well. It's a no-brainer why he won the Best Actor award at the 95th Oscars. His dedication and talent to perform such a tough role magnifies his career to new heights. I hope he gets more acting opportunities in the future. His daughter is played by Sadie Sink, who also did a wonderful job in her role.

The story of The Whale is depressing, no matter how you want to look at it. It also gives an eye-opener to people who are suffering from this kind of mental health issue and struggling to find a solution. I hope this film delivers its message and people will have the compassion to listen to them.

This film is not the best in A24, but it will tear your heart out. It's something that cannot be watched without wasting a lot of tissues.

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