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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Movie Review

One of Tim Burton's blockbuster hits that is widely regarded by many as one of the best stop-motion animated films. The Nightmare Before Christmas brings in the same amount of holiday fun with a little twist.

Plot Overview

In a fantasy world called Halloween Town, where various monsters and scary creatures live, one of its respected citizens, Jack Skellington, leads them in preparing for the Halloween celebration. However, Jack has grown tired of the recurring event and wants something new. He wandered into the woods, thinking of something new to spice up the town. He stumbles upon several oddly-looking doors that lead to different events in the real world. He went into Christmas Town and was in awe of the sparkly and happy tradition it brings to the people. Jack returns home with the perfect idea and shares it with the people, but no one understands him. He begins to study more about Christmas and notes the importance of Santa Claus as the central figure.

Jack begins to assign the residents Christmas-themed jobs to help them spice up the town. Meanwhile, Sally, one of Doctor Finkelstein's creations, has a premonition that all their efforts will end in a disaster. She tries to tell Jack, but he ignores her and orders her to make him a Santa Claus suit. As the event draws closer, Jack realizes that maybe they are more fit to scare people than to give them fun.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is created by the talented director Tim Burton who has already marked the animation industry with his incredible works.


The Nightmare Before Christmas may be the most unique of Disney's films. It puts on a touch of brilliant, imaginative animation that enables it to capture a different feel of both Halloween and Christmas—two traditions that are different from each other yet bring the same level of fun and happiness.

But what astounds me about this animated film is the fantastic world-building. The imagination put in by the animators and those who have created this magical world is so extraordinary. Even though it is a Halloween Town, it doesn't feel scary at all. Maybe Oogie Boogie is quite terrifying and the perfect stuff out of our nightmares, but the others are pretty adorable, to be honest.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has its own ups and downs, but it was definitely a scale-up to our unique view of Disney's films. It brings out not only the child in us but also our peak imagination as well.

A very good 4 out of 5 stars.

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