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The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) Movie Review

"You don't get to hate it unless you love it."

I don't know if there is another film that's so underrated yet so good.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco features non-typical writing that misdirects and entertains you. The plot is structured so that everything that will happen will be unpredictable.

Plot Overview

The Last Black Man in San Francisco features the story of Jimmie Falls, a resident of San Francisco. He spends his time wandering around the town with his friend, Mont Allen, with whom he lives. Every day they ride the bus and point out changes happening in their city and the protesters trying to stop them. One house in particular that Jimmie is fond of looking at is an old Victorian house in the Filmore district where he grew up. He believes that the house is built by his grandfather after World War II. An old couple currently owns the place. One day the current resident moved out of the house and left it empty. The two friends learn that the couple's family is fighting over the house.

Jimmie and Mont visit the local realtor to check the house's status and discover that he is unaware of the situation. He also mentions that the inheritance might take years to get occupied again. The two friends use this opportunity to stay in the house before everything gets settled. They visit Jimmie's aunt, and with her husband's help, they move furniture inside the house.

Mont invites Jimmie's childhood friend, Kofi, for a night, and they enjoy their time together. Kofi said some hurtful things about Jimmie and his estranged dad the following day to appear dominant after being teased by his friends. Soon, Jimmie and Mont learn that Kofi has been killed after a street altercation. They are also surprised when they return to the house, the furniture has been brought outside, and a For Sale sign is displayed at the gate. Mont learns from the realtor that Jimmie's grandfather did not build the house, and Jimmie believes a different story. He plans to convince Jimmie that he needs to move on and forget about the place.

This film features the talents of Jimmie Falls and Jonathan Majors.


While The Last Black Man in San Francisco may sometimes appear bleak and dull, its story is so much more. It's about friendship and one's love for his hometown and how a person notices the change in his environment yet does not want to accept it. It shows the dreaminess and the characters' romance with their town. They did not know if the changing metropolis would destroy their feelings toward the place where they grew up, played, had fights, or strolled around.

The overall plot of this film is not as straightforward as other films. It contains symbolism and images well hidden in those incredible shots that feature the beauty and ugliness of the characters and their surrounding—mixed with the beautiful soundtrack that shows emotion that seem to balance the overall experience.

This movie showcased the incredible acting talent of Jonathan Majors. It may have been this role that he was picked to play Kang The Conqueror.

The Last Black Man In San Francisco is a film you like or hate. There's no in-between. Sometimes it feels like the story is getting nowhere, or it makes you think that the world has fallen apart, but it's all a misdirection played to confuse the audience.

A great 5 out of 5 stars.

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