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The Exorcist (1973) Review

There are only a few horror movies that changed the game in history. I am sure that one is the 1973 classic, The Exorcist. It excelled in becoming one of its kind and introduced many possibilities in the scary genre.

The Exorcist did not just become a blockbuster, but it also had some wildly fascinating production history that many mentioned that it may be haunted.

Plot Overview

The movie begins seemingly disconnected from the main storyline. An archaeologist and a Catholic priest unearth a medallion and a demon statue.

The movie shifts to Washington, D.C. Chris McNeil, an actress, stars in a film directed by her friend Burke. She rents an apartment with her 12-year-old daughter, Regan, and a few of her servants. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist priest, Father Damien Karras, is contemplating that he is encountering a crisis in his faith. Chris starts to hear noises in their attic, and Regan mentions that it is her imaginary friend.

Chris hosts a party at her house. It is interrupted when Regan appears with her bedtime clothes and urinates on the carpet. Chris put her to bed, but her bed shook violently. A few days later, Regan grows increasingly violent. Her mother had her undergo medical tests, but her results were normal. Soon, Regan gets entirely possessed by a demon that exhibits abnormal strength. Chris did not know what to do and decided to contact Father Karras. As the demon's power grows, Father Karras decides that an exorcism is needed to defeat it.


The Exorcist is a one-of-a-kind horror film that features a new look into the genre that has been since the history of movies began. It does not have a boasting storyline, but essential aspects of demonic possessions have been raised that films today have used.

What's interesting about this film is its crazy production history from casting, on-set injuries, controversies, urban legends, and many more. Ellen Burstyn, the actress who portrayed Chris, obtained a permanent spinal injury. The actual scene where she fell and screamed in pain was genuine. Two actors had died before the filming was complete. Many controversies surrounding this mad classic still roam the internet today.

The Exorcist is the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It's pretty sad that it lost against The Sting, but I think it was a close competition.

While I have mixed feelings about whether I like the film, I respect it for what it contributed to the horror genre. It's a massive breakthrough, and its legacy is astounding. Its crazy history makes it deserving to be called one of the pinnacles of horror.

A good 4 out of 5 stars.

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