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Some Like It Hot (1959) Movie Review

Some Like It Hot is known to many as one of the best Marilyn Monroe films ever. A testament to how a comedy should be executed. Its beautiful script and engaging storyline keep you laughing at your toes and enjoy every second of this movie.

Like many of Billy Wilder's classics, this movie establishes itself with its excellent script and jack-in-the-box characters.

Plot Overview

Some Like It Hot is set during the Prohibition era in the late 1920s. Joe, a saxophone player, and a known ladies' man, and his partner Jerry, a bass player, escape while performing after the police raided the place. They accidentally stumbled upon a notorious gangster named Spats Colombo gunning down other members of the other gang. Spats sees them and begins chasing the two. Broke and afraid, Joe and Jerry leave town before the gang leader kills them. They disguised themselves as women, changed their names to Josephine (Joe) and Daphne (Jerry), and joined an all-female band touring Miami. While on their journey, Joe and Jerry befriended Sugar Kane, the band's beautiful lead vocalist and ukelele player.

The two friends begin their obsession with Sugar and compete to win her affection while maintaining their disguise. Sugar confides with Josephine about her past relationships with male saxophone players, and she is hoping to find a kind millionaire in Florida. Joe and Jerry grow closer to Sugar as they struggle to keep their disguise in place.

In Miami, Joe adorns another disguise and pretends to be a millionaire and owner of the Shell Oil company to win Sugar's affection. Meanwhile, a wealthy but old millionaire named Osgood Fielding becomes increasingly persistent in chasing Daphne, not knowing that he's a man in disguise despite turning him away. As the two get their wacky moments arguing about who is better fit for Sugar, Spats and his men arrive to finish the job.


Some Like It Hot features the talents of Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Jamie Lee-Curtis' father, the legendary Tony Curtis.

This movie might be Billy Wilder's precursor success before The Apartment, and both films never failed to amuse me. They have incredible ragtag characters, a screenplay, and a magnificent storyline that keeps you at the edge of your seats every second. If Hitchcock is the master of the thriller, Billy Wilder must be a genius in creating chemistry between the actors.

Some Like It Hot thrives in its witty jokes and punchlines that will keep you laughing and smiling for the whole 2-hour runtime. The chemistry between the three main characters is undeniable. Its script is fabulously written and easy to understand.

This film is rightfully inducted as one of the best comedy movies ever—the numerous adaptations of this classic surround its legacy.

A perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

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