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Rosemary's Baby (1968) Movie Review

Many people want to prefer to watch horror movies because of the jump scares or the ghastly figures. Some want to watch them with friends or colleagues and tease each other once the movie ends.

I don't prefer horror movies but I am weak regarding jump scares. I like films with good storylines and uneasiness, so it will keep me thinking until the end.

Rosemary's Baby is a horror film that doesn't need to contain those surprising and scary moments but terrifies you with the uneasiness it brings.

Plot Overview

The movie follows Rosemary and her husband, Guy Woodhouse, as they move into an old but beautiful apartment in the middle of New York City. Their friend Hutch warns them about the place being plagued with witchcraft and sorcery, but they disregard it.

One night a young woman, Terry which Rosemary had befriended a few days ago, jumped to her death on the 7th floor. She stays with the old Castavet couple, Roman and Minnie. The event distresses them, so Rosemary and her husband visit them. After a lovely dinner, the couple gets closer to the Castavets. One day, Minnie gave Rosemary a lucky pendant from Terry.

Guy's career flourishes, and he decides to have a baby with her wife. On the night they plan to conceive, Minnie gives them a chocolate cake as a small token of celebration. Hesitant at first, Rosemary ate some of the cake and suddenly began feeling dizzy. In her dreamlike state, She begins to experience a devilish entity raping her as her husband, the Castavets, and their neighbors watch. Rosemary wakes up with scratches, but Guy explains they had a rough night.

After Rosemary learns of her pregnancy, the uneasiness she feels when the Castavets become increasingly interested in her baby and her husband's weird behavior grows.


When I first watched Rosemary's Baby, I had zero expectations of whether it would be good or bad. I had never heard of the film before, so I am glad this is my first watch because it brought me to a certain level of uneasiness that Rosemary feels throughout the movie.

First, I got to commend the location where they shot the film, which brings a certain level of tightness and claustrophobia because even though the apartment is large, the insides are so narrow. It's a terrific place to shoot horror movies.

The story of Rosemary's Baby is not quite easy to understand. It has some bits and pieces that are not straightforward, and the dreamlike sequences misdirect you from the real story. I never got bored in this movie, even though some scenes were slow-paced. It has a very cult-like feeling and keeps you asking questions about everything from the side characters to Rosemary's decisions.

Overall, it is a great movie. It has some disturbing sequences that might not be for everyone, but if you look at the plot perspective, it's very unique.

A good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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