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Robin Hood (1973) Movie Review

Another wild Disney classic that may have been lost through time. It's one of those that you know the story more than the cartoons.

This movie is based on a classic folk tale but with a twist.

Plot Overview

Like other old Disney classics, the movie begins with a narration while reading a storybook.

We follow the story of a young and confident Robin Hood and his partner Little John at the Sherwood Forest. They make a living robbing the rich and corrupt and giving them to citizens in need. Meanwhile, Prince John and his counselor arrive. The prince is immature and greedy. Robin Hood and his partner rob Prince John in his carriage, prompting him to issue a bounty on the criminal's heads.

A corrupt sheriff issues large and unnecessary taxes to the inhabitants of Nottingham. Robin Hood helps them by giving them money and gifts. One of the children he assisted accidentally fired an arrow toward the castle. The children sneak inside and meet Maid Marian. She mentions that she was a childhood friend of Robin Hood but was sent away. She hopes to meet him again and wonders if he still remembers her.

An archery tournament took place to showcase the talents of Prince John. However, Robin Hood has other plans and enters in disguise.


Robin Hood has all its wackiness and well-diverse, enjoyable characters, even if it's a simple fairytale story. It's truly a children's movie that can be enjoyed on a weekend afternoon.

Like other Disney films such as Jungle Book, Cinderella, or Bambi, this movie still has a rough animation that pales in comparison today. The character movements are not smooth, and the background is still not polished.

Overall, I didn't quite enjoy Robin Hood, but I still respect its tale. It's still a child fairy tale story that has survived through time.

A good 3 out of 5 stars.

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