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Oscars Challenge #9: Hamlet (1948)

I am going to be biased here and say that I respect this film more than any other due to it being a Shakespeare classic. Plus it really stayed true to its roots.

The movie has a great depiction of the dark and tragic story of Hamlet (Laurence Olivier) as he was driven by his rage and anger at the death of his father.

One thing to note here is that the language and the script are quite difficult to understand for someone like me who is not a native English speaker. The words chosen were kind of medieval in a sense that oftentimes the dialogue gets quite confusing.

But the movie itself is quite enjoyable. However, it is not something I would watch again at least for some time. The acting done in this movie is superb at least. You immediately know that the actors played their roles with passion and it made some scenes emotional.

And I am pretty sure if Shakespeare is alive and watched this movie, he would definitely recommend it.

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