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Oscars Challenge #7: Rain Man (1988)

One thing to note here, this is not Mission Impossible nor anything as action-packed as that.

Rain Man is a heartfelt road drama featuring Tom Cruise as a Collectibles dealer, Charlie Babbit. His life suddenly took a turn when he learned that the estate was not left to him by his father after he passed away. Then he discovered that the one that inherited it was his brother, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) an autistic savant whom he never knew. He will soon learn that sometimes the greatest treasure he will receive will be worth more than what he had hoped for.

This movie made me appreciate not only the artists who portrayed the two main characters but just how light and refreshing the story is. Partnered with terrific cinematography that lets you be part of the experience, this movie is really something else entirely. However, it is not perfect as all films are. There are a couple of scenes that may be boring but overall, it connects more than its misses.

Also, isn't it wonderful to watch Tom Cruise do a down-to-the-earth film, unlike the action-packed Mission Impossible?

If you are feeling down and hopeless, you gotta watch this film and just appreciate the things around you like rekindling your relationship with your loved ones.

This movie is like a warm blanket that hugs you on the coldest of nights.

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