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Oscars Challenge #4: You Can't Take It With You (1938)

Seriously, if this film was in technicolor it will still be funny even by today's standards.

That is what I think about how hilarious this movie is.

Winner of the 11th Academy Awards, You Can't Take Me With You takes you on a roller coaster and funny ride with Tony Kirby (James Stewart), a young rich Vice President of a bank who fell in love with his stenographer Alice Sycamore (Jean Arthur). His life suddenly got intertwined when she introduced him to her very eccentric family of sorts.

The film itself has a light tone. No unpredictable twists, no mind-boggling puzzles, and just plain comedy. I believe it was a theatrical adaptation that's why some scenes felt like they came out of a theater (especially the ballet woman).

Also, this was the director, Frank Capra's third Best Picture film in a span of 5 years. What a feat to be honest and shows his passion for delivering quality and very enjoyable films.

This is a must-watch, especially for comedy enthusiasts. Or if you just love movies, just give this a try.

Every second of the film is very enjoyable.

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