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Oscars Challenge #3: American Beauty (1999)

It is not light-hearted and easy to understand, to be frank however it is beautiful no matter how you may define it.

Winner of the Best Picture in the 72nd Academy Awards, American Beauty really lived up to its standards as a black comedy-drama film. It is about an advertising executive, Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), who is having a mid-life crisis after he becomes infatuated with his daughter's (Thora Birch) cheerleader friend while also struggling to keep his marriage with his wife (Annette Benning) afloat. The film explores several aspects of life such as paternal love, sexuality, redemption, success, failure, etc.

This movie came one year after Saving Private Ryan was snubbed for the Best Picture Award. Does American Beauty deserve the Best Picture? I certainly do think so.

This is also Sam Mendes' directorial debut. You may have known him for directing other great films such as 1917 and Skyfall.

This film is quite hard to explain as it explores several deep themes and will definitely make you think. It won't play with your heartstrings like other drama movies however it will still make you appreciate this spectacle like no other.

The actors here really played well. No wonder Kevin Spacey also won the Best Actor award. He really is the driving force of this movie. I believe there is no better actor than him for this role. It's just a chef's kiss perfection.

It has an unexpected ending as well.

I certainly recommend this beautiful masterpiece. So definitely check it out or just add it to your list if you have time.

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