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Oscars Challenge #2: Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

This 105-minute film went by so fast that you felt like you are one of the characters in the film.

The Best Picture winner during the 52nd Academy Awards, Kramer vs Kramer is unlike any other family drama film. It starts with a banger when a workaholic husband Ted Kramer's (Dustin Hoffman) promotion celebration got cut off when his wife Joanna (Meryl Streep) left him with little to no explanation why. Tempers flare when the two of them fight for custody of their only son.

I believe this movie is a must-watch due to its importance to parenthood, family life, and the consequences of separation. There are certain scenes in the movie that will make you cry, question, and even get angry. And just like what I mentioned, the story went by quickly.

Kudos to the main actors that this movie felt so real. Their acting was superb and hit those emotional spots very well. How the characters grew as the story goes on is something to look at as well.

And just like life, this movie is a real roller coaster ride.


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