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Oscars Challenge #17: The Hurt Locker (2008) Movie Review

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

There have been many war movies that talk about the psychological and mental effects it does on soldiers during and after the war. But, I cannot remember any film that maybe some soldiers think of heading to the battlefield as a way to escape daily life struggles.

The Hurt Locker is more than just a film that shows the struggle of an EOD Specialist and a natural risk-taker, William James (Jeremy Renner) after replacing the previous one after being killed in the team's most recent mission during the Iraq War. While he thrives in the nature of war, his team struggles to meet his standards and gets affected psychologically.

This movie is known to be the one that beat Avatar and is the first Best Picture won by a female director.

There are several aspects of this movie that I think is why it deserves the prestigious award. One, the unique style of cinematography wherein it felt like you are a soldier in the battle. Though I guess it's not for everyone especially those who have motion sickness. Two, the way the story and plot are structured is unique for a war movie, it's not always action-packed there is also a sense of camaraderie and drama shown. Three, the actors really played well, especially Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie.

It might not be suitable for anyone but I think this is still a must-watch film especially if you are interested in looking for a different perspective of the war.

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