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Oscars Challenge #13: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

It's true if we are talking about horror movies we are always visualizing ghosts, monsters, jumpscares, and zombies. However, we often do not talk about real horror in a real-life situation.

The Best Picture winner of the 3rd Academy Awards, All Quiet on the Western Front is an anti-war film about young ecstatic German soldiers who were sent to participate in World War I. At first, they seem to be prepared to fight the battle but soon realized the real horror of being sent to the battlefield as they watch their friends die one by one due to several war factors.

Believe it or not, this movie really aged well. And if I ask something from a war movie to be deserving the Best Picture award, this is it. From the start to finish this masterpiece really hooked me up.

It may have subpar effects and speed-up actions but really I really don't care about it at all. The story is rich, the actors did a wonderful job and the screenplay is amazing all throughout.

This is a very emotional film and delivers a powerful message.

It also contains one of my favorite movie quotes of all time: "When it comes to dying for your country, it's better to not die at all".

This movie deserves a Hall of Fame to be honest.

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