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Oscars Challenge #11: Gigi (1958)

The first 10 Academy Awards Best Picture films were full of grit, action, drama, comedy, and slice-of-life adventures.

This time it's a musical.

Gigi is a romantic comedy musical about a careless young girl who is learning how to live in high society and suddenly realizes that she fell in love with a carefree womanizer named Gaston. Refusing to be anyone's mistress, Gaston needs to choose between her or his usual lifestyle.

First of all, this film is aesthetically beautiful. Everything from the setting, cinematography, and outfits was a work of art. Everything they used in this movie is beautiful.

I am not a fan of musicals since sometimes the speech gets entangled with the songs and the lyrics but I believe this movie is a nice change of pace. You still got to appreciate this movie because it really showed character development, especially the titular character. It was pretty well done in my opinion.

The way the characters were set up is kind of weird though. I always viewed Gigi as someone who is a teenager while Gaston is an adult in his mid-30s. But still, that didn't hinder much of the story. I still like it as it is.

A good film and definitely a must-watch.

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