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Lady Bird (2017) Movie Review

Do you remember the pain points of growing up? We were always made to believe that going through different stages of life would be like a breeze. As we experience it ourselves, we learn that it is never easy. There will be trials, frustrations, happiness, and sadness along the way.

Lady Bird probably defines what coming-of-age feels like, what it feels like going through a particular stage of life where you begin to experience and appreciate the past.

Plot Overview

Catherine McPherson, a senior from Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic High School in Sacramento, California, calls herself "Lady Bird," a nickname she had since childhood. Despite her family's financial struggles, she dreams of enrolling in a prestigious college. She wants to move away from Sacramento because she thinks the city is boring. Her mother, Marion, contradicts her dreams because she feels it is impossible, and her daughter is ungrateful for her sacrifices.

Christine and her best friend, Julie, join a theater program where she begins dating their co-star Danny. Their relationship did not last after seeing him making out with a boy.

Christine begins to work at a coffee shop, where she meets a popular student named Kyle and befriends Jenna. As she gets closer to her new friends, her relationship with Julie begins to fade. She also drops out of the theater program. Christine's teenage life begins to spiral out of control as her relationship with her friend, her mother, and herself.

Lady Bird presents the incredible talents of Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, and Tracy Letts. It's a movie directed by Greta Gerwig.


Lady Bird is a gripping coming-of-age film. It has a simple setting, characters, and story, yet its impact is significant, especially on those who want to leave their past behind. This movie's themes of growing up, facing your fears, and appreciation are imminent in this movie.

Lady Bird has some profound moments that would make you want to cry. It has several scenes that would touch your heart or make you hate the main character for different reasons. It feels like we are growing up with Christine. Her journey from trying to experience the best of her teenage life before moving to New York feels like ours.

You can tell that this might be one of Greta Gerwig's most personal creations because it shows her ties with Sacramento, California. The film seems to pay homage to her hometown. She may have left prematurely like Christine but grows to appreciate it more than anyone.

Lady Bird hands us helpful life lessons from the perspective of Christine and her mother. It shows a subtle touch on how one's feelings grow about life and hometown.

A24 might've produced quite a few weird movies, but Lady Bird is a gem of its own—a true classic and heartfelt film.

A very deserving 5 out of 5 stars.

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