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Lady and the Tramp (1955) Movie Review

Do you remember that popular internet meme of two dogs eating a strand of pasta? That one came from the movie Lady and the Tramp.

They are considered by many as one of the greatest romantic animated films on par with another Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Lady and the Tramp deliver what most of us feel only in the form of dogs.

Plot Overview

During the early 1900s, in a small town, a man gifts her partner a cocker spaniel that she named Lady as a Christmas present. Over the years, Lady becomes accustomed to a pampered lifestyle. She befriends her neighbors' dogs, Jack, a Scottish Terrier, and Trusty, a Bloodhound. Meanwhile, a stray terrier-mix named Tramp rescues his friends from an animal control officer on the other side of town.

Tramp flees and stumbles upon Lady's mansion. He overhears Lady's conversation with Jack and Trusty about her owner's behavior change because she is pregnant. Tramp persuades Lady that she won't have a place when the baby comes. Jack and Trusty scolded him and sent him away.

Lady's owners went on a vacation, and she was left to the care of Aunt Sarah, a cat person who brings along her two Siamese cats. She dislikes dogs and prevents Lady from doing her usual daily routines. Her cats soon destroy things at the house, forcing Aunt Sarah to kick her out. As she is left on the street and chased by rabid dogs, Tramp comes in to save her. Tramp shows Lady his experiences of being free and decides to help her.


Lady and the Tramp could be one of the cutest movies Disney has done throughout its century-long history. The characters and the story are so lovable and can be enjoyed by children and adults.

You cannot talk about this movie without mentioning the pasta scene. It didn't just become an internet meme, but it also became one of the most iconic movie scenes ever. Even other movies or TV Shows attempt to recreate it, but nothing beats the original.

Overall, Lady and the Tramp is an easy-to-love dog movie that focuses on discovering and returning to your comfort place.

A subtle 4 out of 5 stars.

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