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King Richard (2021) Movie Review

Every sports enthusiast knows the sisters Serena and Venus Williams's contributions to tennis. Their grand slam titles, broken world records, accolades, and trophies they won were a testament to their tremendous skill and passion for the sport. But, before their success, they also had to struggle with almost everything.

This is their story.

Plot Overview

Richard and Brandy Williams live with their three stepdaughters and two stepdaughters, Venus and Serena. Richard aspires for Serena and Venus to be great professional tennis players. He prepared a success plan even before they were born. Their parents coach their children on a daily basis to sharpen their skills and be ready to compete in different tournaments. Richard is trying to find a suitable coach for the girls but has no success.

Richard takes the girls to see Paul Cohen and agrees to watch the girls perform their practice routines. He was impressed, but the Willamses cannot afford a professional coach. He selects Venus to receive his coaching, which leaves Serena to continue practicing with Brandy. Paul encourages Venus to join several junior tournaments, which she finds easy, but her father always reminds her that they must stay humble. Serena signs up to join the contests, and the two girls begin to succeed on their journey. Richard meets with several high-profile agents but decides to pull his girls out of the competition because he fears they might use them.

The family soon meets Rick Macci, who is impressed by how the girls play. He takes the girls on, and the family moves to Florida to train at his facility. Richard surprises Rick with an offer that his girls will not play in junior tournaments and focus on their studies for three years. However, tensions arise when Venus takes a different turn and decides to play in the professional leagues.


The 94th Academy Awards have been marked as one of the most controversial ceremonies because of the famous Will Smith slap and questionable winners. It didn't stop there as its ratings have plummeted as well.

King Richard may not be the first sports-themed movie nominated at the Oscars, but it holds enough credibility to have its share of accolades. It's not a rags-to-rich story that skyrocketed Sylvester Stallone's career on Rocky or as heartbreaking as Million Dollar Baby. King Richard is your typical linear storyline about the rise, fall, and rise again of the Williams sisters.

The story does not quite move me. It's not that I don't like their story despite being well-structured, predictable, and easy to appreciate. I feel like something is missing. I know something about the film makes me feel incomplete, and I can't explain it.

I like every acting performance of all the actors, especially Will Smith and Jon Bernthal.

Overall, King Richard is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts. It's very inspirational and delivers a message to never give up on your dreams.

A good 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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