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Junji Ito's Gyo Part 2 Manga Review


The second part of Gyo will cover chapters 11 - 19 of the manga series. The first part talks about introducing the characters and the phenomenon of fishes having mechanical limbs and terrorizing all of Japan. Doctor Koyanagi discovers that when the exoskeleton gets attached to a living body part or entity, it will corrupt that and have a mind of its own. Kaori also gets infected by the smell and develops boils throughout her body.

Chapter eleven begins with an unconscious Tadashi waking up and finding himself in a hospital. He learns that the creatures did not only invade Japan but the rest of the world. Worried about Kaori, he goes to Doctor Koyanagi's laboratory, but he mentions that she is not there. His assistant, Ms. Yoshiyama, disobeyed the doctor's orders and showed where Kaori was. Tadashi is shocked when she sees her looking horrendously attached to the exoskeleton. Confused and angry, he wants to find a cure for her girlfriend but soon realizes that it is too late for her.

The Characters

The same set of characters from the first part. Since Kaori is already dead, her exposure throughout the second half of the series is just a figure with a mechanical exoskeleton. In the second part, we learn about specific people immune to the germs from the stench. Doctor Koyanagi became a full-time villain in the second part, and, honestly, I wouldn't say I like his character.

The Story

The second half focuses on different areas of the story. We learn of several humans who are immune from the germs doing inhumane things like making a circus out of the affected and using them as entertainment.

I like that the series ends in an open-ended fashion. Did Tadashi and the others discover a solution to the stench problem? Will they be able to save everyone? It's not a straightforward explanation wherein the main character can achieve a solution for the problem. But he is able to satisfy Kaori's request to get rid of the stench because she ultimately dies.

Overall, I think the story is right in the middle. Huge praise for its uniqueness and how it incorporates human emotions into unusual phenomena. It's not something that will blow you away, but it keeps you hooked and wondering if the people will be saved.

The story is driven much by its limited set of characters with that the protagonist interacts. I am wondering if, for long manga series like Tomie or Uzumaki if the author explains in detail the horror. I think for this manga, I need a bit of history, like how did they come across the technology to build exoskeletons, what are the first tests, etc. I like stories with massive care in their world-building.

The Scare Factor

Even if you combine the first part, I don't think the series itself is scary at all. However, huge points in the way everything is drawn and designed. Those weird-looking grim designs of the infected and the rotten animals are stuff that comes from nightmares. It is obviously very grim to look upon.

Junji Ito is a genius when it comes to body horror incorporated by those weird designs. I wonder where he gets the inspiration for those things.

If you are not into squeamish scenes or moments, you may want to skip this one.

The Scare Rating

Despite its so-so storyline and characters, I like it. I will give it a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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