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Jungle Book (1967) Movie Review

The story of Jungle Book is one that almost everyone is familiar with. Its legacy transpired with a few film sequels, children's books, and video games that are practically impossible to miss.

Based on Rudyard Kipling's book in 1894, Jungle Book examines the story of a young orphan boy named Mowgli. He is found in a basket in the middle of the jungle by Bagheera, a black panther who takes him to Raksha, a mother wolf, and raises the boy like her cub.

Ten years passed, and the young Mowgli, the man-cub, has now grown accustomed to his life in the jungle. He occasionally plays with his wolf cub brothers to pass the time. Bagheera is glad that the young boy is having fun with his jungle life but fears that he will soon search for his origins as a human.

One night, the wolf's parents discuss Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger that has returned and might be a threat if he discovers about Mowgli. They decided the boy must leave the jungle and return to the human camp. Bagheera chose to accompany him to the "Man-Village." They go at night, but Mowgli insists on staying in the jungle as the threat of other animals tries to impend their journey towards making the young boy safe.

The Jungle Book is a pretty enjoyable children's movie. The story is simple, and the characters are all lovable. The one that struck me most is the terrific soundtrack that brings out the film's groove. I honestly prefer the animated version than the live-action remakes.

The animation may be rough at times, but it is still lovely, especially for a film that premiered a few decades ago.

This film has a lot of history in it, especially since this is the final feature movie by Walt Disney himself before he died. It received widespread nostalgia when it was first screened because of the founder's legacy. If there is a movie that represents the jolly and hard life of Walt Disney, The Jungle Book should be it.

Overall, I enjoyed the film; the wild characters are all lovely. It may not be my favorite Disney film, but it has some memorable moments.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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