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Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Movie Review

Wes Anderson's directing style is circulated by his love of colors. Every movie he's been a part of is vibrant and playful, like a mosaic.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, an animated feature nominated at the 82nd Academy Awards that saw itself competing against animation giants, Up and Coraline. It is a carefully constructed ensemble of weirdness, fun, and craziness.

Plot Overview

Mr. Fox, a cunning thief, and his wife, Ms. Felicity Fox, get caught in a fox trap. She reveals her pregnancy and pleads with him to find a safer job in the future.

Two human years or twelve fox years, as the film interprets, later, Mr. Fox and his family now live comfortably inside a tree. He currently works as a newspaper columnist but finds his job boring. He ignores his lawyer that their house is in danger because of its proximity to the facilities owned by three farmers: Walt Boggis, Nate Bunce, and Frank Bean.

After a few days, Felicity's nephew, Kristofferson, moves in with them because his father is receiving long-term treatment for his pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Fox's son Ash does not like his company because he thinks he has superiority over him. Mr. Fox and his friend Kylie begin to enact a plan to steal from the three farmers. They took Kristofferson along. Mr. Fox keeps it a secret from Felicity, but she grows increasingly curious because of the unexplainable increase in their food.

Driven by their anger, the competing farmers collaborate to stop Mr. Fox and his schemes to prevent food from being stolen from them.


Fantastic Mr. Fox is powered by the incredible voice talents of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, and many more.

It's not hard to unpack the craziness this film brings to the viewers. Its use of stop-motion animation combined with vibrant yellowish colors that are pleasing to the eyes. It has that particular quirkiness that makes you feel you are part of Mr. Fox's daily life.

The story might not feel unique and a tad too predictable, but it still packs a punch to show how great Wes Andreson's directing is. The animation might have increased its impact because of how rough it is, like Mr. Fox's feelings about his stereotypical life.

Overall, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a movie about fun and excitement with a little bit of drama in between.

A good 4 out of 5 stars.

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