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Every Black Mirror Ranked

After six seasons, 27 episodes, and one particular movie, Black Mirror has reinvented the anthology series to a different level. It explores technology and its effects and side effects on people and our environment.

I will rank all episodes, including the special from the 28th to the first, and what I think about why it stands out the most.

28. Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too (Season 5 Episode 3)

While most Black Mirror episodes explore darker themes, the last episode of season 5 ventured into a light-hearted feel about two sisters and the AI robot version of a pop star being controlled by her manager. The episode made me feel that it's more of a chick flick than a Black Mirror episode. It has some nice comedic scenes in it that make it quite enjoyable.

27. Mazey Day (Season 6 Episode 4)

Mazey Day is one of those episodes that doesn't feel like it's from Black Mirror. It shows the danger of paparazzi pretending to be journalists trying to take the first picture of a missing actress. It had an exciting first few minutes but was lost near the end. It might have been a big hit if they didn't include the supernatural aspect and stuck to the initial concept.

26. Striking Vipers (Season 5 Episode 1)

If Playtest explores horror video games, Striking Vipers focuses on the fighting genre. Two friends become romantically attached virtually as they both experience a sexual sensation while playing a virtual fighting game. I love the concept of virtual games being too real, and you can feel the pain, but this episode brought it to a different level. It explores the themes of people trying to find satisfaction in a virtual world because they couldn't experience it in actual life. This episode has some strong points, but I got to admit, I lost a little bit of the story.

25. Metalhead (Season 4 Episode 5)

The only black-and-white episode of Black Mirror. Metalhead, to me, is similar to the Terminator franchise when machines (in this case, robotic dogs) chase humans. While this episode's runtime is relatively short, it had some solid, thrilling moments but lacked storytelling. After watching this episode, I felt a little empty, and many questions popped into my head. I like the concept, but it didn't hit the mark.

24. Bandersnatch (Interactive Movie)

Do you remember those Goosebumps books about choosing your plot? Bandersnatch is like it; your choices lead to a satisfying or non-traditional ending. Although this interactive movie has no good ends, it certainly feels like you are part of the story. It follows Stefan, a young video game programmer trying to develop an interactive game called Bandersnatch. He gets completely immersed in the development while striving to meet the deadline and his deteriorating mental personality. It is a movie with a good concept, but it gets you more confused than entertained.

23. Men Against Fire (Season 3 Episode 5)

How will technology help in warfare? Men Against Fire explores soldiers trained and implanted with a chip that lets them see enemies as monsters known as roaches. One soldier soon realizes that the enemies they are supposed to kill are normal humans like them. Men Against Fire is a good episode with a lot of realization about the harmful effects of augmented reality when it becomes ingrained in our system because it fools anyone into thinking that what you're seeing is real.

22. Crocodile (Season 4 Episode 3)

This episode is like The Entire History of You but in a good way. It follows an architect named Mia, who will try everything to cover up her crimes. Meanwhile, an insurance agent uses a device called Recaller to use it in a car accident. When she interviews Mia, she discovers what she has done, and things worsen. Mia's character, as she descends into madness, trying to cover up her crimes by killing others, is a good concept. Using technology to visualize your memories on a screen is useful when solving crimes. It's an excellent hit-or-miss episode and a thrilling one.

21. Smithereens (Season 5, Episode 2)

Smithereens is a powerful episode about the harmful effects of social media if you consider it an addiction rather than a connection. It's a story about a man who abducts an intern for a social media company named Smitheeren and demands to talk to its CEO. This is one of those Black Mirror episodes that will leave you trying to determine if the main character deserves sympathy. It is one of the most "realistic" because it certainly could happen to someone getting addicted to social media.

20. Arkangel (Season 4 Episode 2)

Everyone agrees that a parent always wants what's best for their children. We want them to be safe, well-educated, and well-behaved. However, sometimes parents are overprotective and forget about their children's freedom. Black Mirror's Arkangel explores the same concept as Marie, a mother who decides to implant a chip in her daughter, Sara, to let her see what she does and get alerted when she encounters trouble. When her mother discovers her daughter is lying to her using Arkangel, things get messy. This episode is a wake-up for parents who tend to be overprotective of their children—a compelling and insightful episode.

19. The Waldo Moment (Season 2 Episode 3)

The Waldo Moment is indeed one of the funniest episodes Black Mirror produced. When people keep electing candidates due to their popularity and not their capabilities, this episode may not be far from reality. It follows Jamie, the person behind an animated comedic bear, Waldo, who was forced to enter a by-election after interviewing a capable candidate, Liam Munroe. Waldo's prank personality allows him to gain popularity, and people begin to think that he is a more suitable candidate than Munroe. People have this below the list, but to me, it has a certain truth in it that is scary.

18. Hang The DJ (Season 4 Episode 4)

Hang the DJ explores people's relationships and chooses the right partner. It follows Frank and Amy as they use an electronic device that determines their match that will last a specific period until it finds another. When the system decides to pair the two, a mutual bond starts between them, but they know their relationship will not last long. They would need to find a way that will enable them to forgo the system and be with each other forever. An episode that tells us that love knows no boundaries. A good and satisfying one.

17. The National Anthem (Season 1 Episode 1)

The first episode of Black Mirror might be one of the most surprising. It follows a British Prime Minister named Michael Callow as he tries everything to bring back Princess Susannah, even if it means giving in to the kidnappers' demands by having sex with a pig on live television. The National Anthem explores themes of people choosing entertainment over doing the right thing and society's losing control of public opinion. It may be one of the most squeamish episodes of Black Mirror, but it never failed to deliver.

16. Black Museum (Season 4 Episode 6)

The Black Mirror episode within a Black Mirror. This led to audiences thinking that each episode was in a single universe. It tells the story of Nish as she visits the Black Museum run by Rolo Haynes. She was shown different exhibits, such as a device that lets you experience the pain of others, a tool that will allow you to transfer consciousness to another, and the main exhibit, a visual hologram of a serial murderer which visitors can pull a lever to make him repeat his electric chair experience. One of the creepiest episodes with a satisfying ending

15. Joan Is Awful (Season 6 Episode 1)

Remember those long and tedious terms and conditions that nobody reads? Joan Is Awful explains the side-effect of that. It follows the story of Joan, a terrible boss at her company who does not have a perfect life. One night while watching on a streaming service called Streamberry, she watches a TV Show called Joan Is Awful that perfectly shows her daily life, struggles, and secrets that terrorize her job and relationships. It is sometimes a little funny, but it's an enjoyable watch.

14. Demon 79 (Season 6 Episode 5)

Like Mazey Day, Demon 79 does not feel like a Black Mirror episode. It follows Nida, a department store employee who encountered the demon Gaap after accidentally pricking herself with. a talisman. She needs to fulfill three human sacrifices before the world ends in 3 days to prevent it. This episode is different because it used Red Mirror as a production reference, and the setting is during the Cold War. It didn't feel like a Black Mirror episode, yet it was wildly entertaining. If Black Mirror would venture into another anthology series, I won't complain.

13. Be Right Back (Season 2 Episode 1)

How would you feel like being able to see or feel your loved ones after they died? This powerful Black Mirror episode follows the struggles of Martha as her husband's death strikes her emotionally. When she was allowed to embed her husband's social media behavior and attitude into an android, she did not hesitate to do it. Although it brings her happiness at first, she realizes that her husband is a thousand times better than he is in social media. This episode brought in the chills and made me realize that people's personalities on social media are different than in reality. A true Black Mirror masterpiece

12. Playtest (Season 3 Episode 2)

Are you a fan of horror games? This episode might be for you. It follows the story of Cooper, an enthusiastic young adult who leaves home and travels the world after his father dies. He participates in a paid offer to play an experimental game developed by a video game company. He was asked to try their latest horror game that uses an artificial neural network to dig into the person's fears. This might be one of the most significant Black Mirror twists ever. I like the concept, and who knows, maybe a gaming company will develop this type of game in the future.

11. USS Callister (Season 4 Episode 1)

One of those special episodes that feature one's fantasy turned into an obsession. It follows Robert Daly, one of the co-founders of the multiplayer cooperative game called Infinity. Robert is underappreciated and unrecognized at work. He developed a private version of the game in his home, where his co-players are his co-workers. When a new female developer arrives, Robert begins to be obsessed with adding her to the game without her consent. USS Callister gives me the typical Star Wars/ Star Trek vibe but with a little twist. It's one of those games that the main character is also the villain—a great episode.

10. Beyond The Sea (Season 6 Episode 3)

Imagine being thousands of miles away from Earth, yet you still can feel, hear or talk to your loved ones. This episode follows two astronauts, Cliff and David, as they embark on a six-year mission in space. Their company provided them with mechanical replicas that would enable them to see their family on Earth. After David's family and his image are murdered by a radical cult group, she spends time alone and feels depressed. Cliff decides to let him borrow his appearance to experience life on Earth, but things get different when he begins to have sexual desires with his wife. This is Black Mirror at its finest because it leaves you questioning from beginning to end.

9. Loch Henry (Season 6 Episode 2)

Loch Henry is an episode that makes you feel bad for the main character. A young couple, Davis and Pia, go to Loch Henry to shoot a documentary. They decided to visit Davis' mother, and Pia began to wonder why the beautiful town felt so empty. They learn of a serial murder case a few years ago that kidnaps tourists and tortures them. Seeing that it might be a good true crime documentary, they decide to shoot it, but as they uncover the secrets of the murder, the sooner they realize it, the closer they are to danger. This is one of the scariest episodes of Black Mirror and features a visual masterpiece in writing and cinematography. You might hate what will happen to the main character, though.

8. White Bear (Season 2 Episode 2)

Hey! It's a survival game show. One of the most creative episodes of Black Mirror and started the White Bear logo. It follows a woman who wakes up in a house with amnesia. She goes outside, and people take videos of her without saying anything. Soon, masked men begin to chase her, and she must flee to safety before she gets killed. This episode might be an uneasy watch for some, but it begs you to question humanity's desire for entertainment. This will let you ask until the end.

7. The Entire History Of You (Season 1 Episode 3)

What will you choose, a happy lie or a sad truth? The Entire History Of You examines our innermost emotions when faced with betrayal. In the future, when a device called "grain" is embedded in every human, people can replay past events of their lives through their eyes. At the dinner party, Liam is suspicious of his wife, Ffion, and her behavior toward their friend, Jonas. It was revealed that she had a past relationship with him, and her inconsistent story made him more suspicious. When she lies when confronted after seeing the replay of Jonas' memories, things get chippy between the couple. Season 1 ended with an absolute banger. It doesn't sugarcoat and paces the story well. It's a sad ending, but would you question the main character for his decision?

6. White Christmas (Christmas Special)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and almost every social media application has a functionality that lets you block accounts so you can't see their posts or message you. How about adding another functionality that prevents you from seeing or hearing them? White Christmas follows two men, Joe and Matt, who spend their time in a shack and recalling their past experiences. Matt used to run an online group that seduces women through a device called "Z-Eyes." He also trains "cookies" clones of people stored in an egg-shaped device.

Meanwhile, Joe's wife blocked him on Z-Eyes after an argument about her doing a planned abortion. He cannot see, hear, or communicate with her and does everything to spy on her and the child. White Christmas does not allow you to celebrate the yuletide season and leaves you in shock with how much this can become a reality someday—a true masterpiece.

5. San Junipero (Season 3 Episode 4)

What do you want to happen after you die? Do you want your memories and consciousness to go to a place where you can enjoy and live another life? San Junipero is an episode that explains all that. It tells the story of a shy woman named Yorkie and her experiences with the outgoing Kelly as they enjoy the beautiful coastal place of San Junipero. It is revealed that the area is a simulated reality inhabited by the deceased and the elderly using their younger selves. I don't know what to say about San Junipero, but it's one of the most beautifully shot episodes of Black Mirror. The story is so enticing that you want to step back and enjoy the story. The characters' chemistry is good, and the ending is satisfying.

4. Nosedive (Season 3 Episode 1)

We are all familiar with rating systems in social media or other applications. We give out stars and merits for their achievements. What if you can use it in your day-to-day activities, such as ordering lunch or presenting? Nosedive explores our society's downfall when we adapt this kind of technology. It follows Lacie as she lives in a community where people are implanted with eye devices to see a person's rating from 1 to 5 stars. She is rated 4.2 and aims to reach 4.5 to purchase a better house. When her popular and well-loved friend Naomi has a wedding, she jumps to the opportunity to be her maid of honor. She needs to travel miles away to attend her wedding, but her rating slowly declines as she struggles to be approved by everyone. If you think about it, the technology of Nosedive can be a reality. Eye implants could be superficial, but people judging others by their rating can happen now. Similar to how we view movies sometimes. It's scary but also shows how fake people are and how broken society can be because it restricts your freedom.

3. Shut Up And Dance (Season 3 Episode 3)

Another survival-themed Black Mirror episode. We follow a young teenager named Kenny, whose laptop webcam was hacked by an unknown hacker who recorded a masturbating video of him. The criminal threatens him by sending instructions that he must follow; otherwise, the video will be shown to his family. Scared and confused, Kenny has no choice but to follow the hacker's demands. He also meets other people threatened, and they all try to fulfill his orders. However, we also learn that although Kenny and the others may look innocent, they might be the most vile. Shut Up And Dance features a gut-wrenching episode that misdirects into thinking that the main character is evident. It carefully guides you to a plot twist that catches you off guard. This brilliantly executed episode puts you on the edge of your seat.

2. Fifteen Million Merits (Season 1 Episode 2)

Fifteen Million Merits is another banger episode because it's a microcosm of a capitalist society. Bing lives in a fictional world where people spend most of their time on stationary bikes in exchange for merits. They can use these to buy food and clothing or subscribe to a TV Show program. Bing stays in a room full of monitors. One day he hears Abi, a female biker singing in the bathroom. He encourages her to join the talent program Hot Shot, but she does not have the funds to enter. Bing sacrifices most of his merits so she can participate. After the judges heard Abi sing, they instructed her to be a pornographic actress than a singer. Having lost merits, Bing can no longer skip paid ads, especially those with Abi. What a brilliantly written episode. Its concept is out of this world. A true legendary masterpiece that I had chills watching it.

1. Hated in the Nation (Season 3 Episode 6)

Are you fond of using hashtags in your posts on social media? Hated In The Nation follows the investigation of a detective named Karin Parke as she looks into the cause of a far-right journalist, Jo Powers. She dies horrendously by stabbing herself with a wine bottle. Karin and the other detectives discovered before the incident a teacher posted on social media using the hashtag DeathTo. A person running the "Game of Consequences" targets those most-mentioned people under the hashtag and uses Autonomous Drone Insects as a tool to kill the victim. As Karin is in a race against time to find the person responsible, they are shocked when they learn the criminal's goal is those who posted the hashtag.

There's a reason why Hated In The Nation is my top favorite. Out of all the episodes of Black Mirror, this might be the scariest because it can happen now. It may be the longest episode, but it felt like a breeze, and I never got bored.

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