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Elvis (2022) Review

The things that Elivs Prestley contributed to the world of music and society are something that we still cherish today. You cannot talk about the history of rock and roll without mentioning his name. His styles, performances, voice, lyrics, and musical range encompass how talented Elvis Prestley is.

Like many other musicians, the great Elvis Prestley's success is not perfect and is met with criticism, betrayal, and hate.

This is his story.

Plot Overview

The movie begins when Colonel Tom Parker has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. He reminisced the times he shared with the legendary rock and roll musician Elvis Prestley as his manager.

A young Elvis was born in the poorest parts of Mississippi and is raised by his mother, Gladys. He grew up fascinated with music and comic books that he indulged in during his free time. Their family moved to Memphis, and Elvis got mocked by his peers because of his love of African-American music. Colonel Tom Parker, who manages Hank Snow, witnesses Elvis' sex appeal on stage as he performs in a small-time carnival. Parker convinces him to take over his career, and his popularity skyrocketed to great heights. Elvis and his family were lifted out of poverty.

Elvis Prestley's songs have been iconic for many, but he is also met with criticism. Many were divided on whether his music would corrupt white children. The U.S. Senator James Eastland calls for Parker to discuss Elvis' lineage. Despite warnings of becoming banned, Elvis continued his exciting dance moves and musical performances that shocked the country. Parker convinces the senators to draft him into the army instead of penalizing his actions. During his stint in the military, he met Priscilla, and after his service, the two got married.

He continued his musical career during the 1960s but was devastated after the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and President Kennedy. He wants his music to resonate with people about his political views. However, Colonel Parker thinks Elvis is brainwashed and begins manipulating him.


Undoubtedly, no one could portray the great Elvis Prestley than Austin Butler. He just nailed the legendary musician's every move, accent, and mannerisms. You can't also discount the villainous role of Tom Hanks in this movie.

I am not an absolute fan of Elvis' music, but I respect his contribution to art and society. He is one of the greatest musicians who ever lived—a legend of legends.

What I like about this film is they didn't immortalize and sugarcoat Elvis' life. Some may know him because of his music, crazy performances, and sex appeal, but he is also a human who suffers from anxiety and depression. Some of it might be quite crazy compared to today, but maybe he revolutionized people's taste in music because that's how he wanted it.

The movie incorporated some of his songs that bring a lot of nostalgia.

Overall, this film details the life of Elvis Prestley with astounding performances from the cast. It's a movie that packs many emotions and paints this legendary musician's life.

A good 4 out of 5 stars.

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