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Drive (2011) Movie Review

From his outstanding performance in The Notebook to Barbie's partner, Ryan Gosling seems to have done it all—an incredible actor with a talent for delivering high-performance roles.

In 2011, he starred in the movie, Drive along with Carey Mulligan, Oscar Isaac, Brian Cranston, and many more. A film that may not be a box-office hit but is still good.

Plot Overview

We follow the story of the unnamed character played by Ryan Gosling, who is only known as Driver.

Driver works as a Hollywood stunt driver and criminal-for-hire getaway driver at night. His jobs are conducted by his friend Shannon who persuades mobsters Bernie and Izzy to purchase a car for Driver to race.

Driver lives in an apartment, meets his new neighbor, Irene, and grows close to her and her son. One day, he is surprised when her husband, Standard Gabriel, arrives after being released from prison. After someone beats up Standard because he cannot pay the protection money from a gangster named Chris Cook, he is tasked to rob a pawn shop. The Driver offers help as a getaway, but things get dangerous when the pawnshop owners trade shots with them and kill Standard.

Driver and Standard's partner Blanche hides in a motel, but the latter is killed after Cook's men ambush them. Driver escaped, went to Cook, and threatened to kill him. It was soon revealed that Izzy was the mastermind and Standard's family was in danger. Driver must race against time and eliminate the threats before Irene and her son is in trouble.


Ryan Gosling's performance in Drive is above and beyond. He only says a few lines in the film, but his action speak for himself. He may have better performances in other popular movies, but his role here in Drive stamps his beautiful acting talent. I like how the film kept his unanimous and unimportant, not because it does not bring value, but because that's his personality.

The movie started very slowly. The first 15 to 20 minutes didn't quite catch up to me. It wasn't until the fated meeting between Irene and Driver that things started to spice up. From there, everything goes ballistic, keeping you on your toes throughout.

Drive, for me, is hit-or-miss. It's either you stay awake and finish the movie or snooze yourself out because of its lack of dialogue and interaction. There were heart-pumping action sequences that were smoothly done.

Overall, I love the movie's dynamic. It wasn't a perfect movie and had some rough edges, but I still like it.

A good 4 out of 5 stars.

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