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Disney and Pixar Challenge

It's not really uncommon especially for a kid to watch cartoons from time to time. And as they grow up they would still try to look for that because, in one way or another, it's entertaining and fun to watch.

I am fascinated by not just the historical aspect of animation but also the stories they bring whether it's just for fun or if there's a lesson that can be learned.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has been around for almost a century now. Founded by none other than Walter Elias Disney himself in Hollywood back in October 1923. He came from a family that struggled financially and basically had an abusive childhood. He finds entertainment in drawing and fascination with flipbook animation. When he and his brother established Disney Brother Studios, it really didn't go well. They struggled to create proper films and it wasn't until the creation of the first and probably most important character of all time, Mickey Mouse. From then on out the company basically received widespread success and their main key is always to create more and more works to satisfy their customers. His story is inspiring considering that he overcome several adversities and he did it with just a single idea to make his animations or cartoons entertaining to others. From TV Shows, Short films, Full-length features, Merchandise, and even Amusement Parks. I mean we know that when you hear the word Disneyland, you know it is the happiest place on earth.

Seriously you can never talk about animation or cartoons without mentioning Walt Disney, it is that monumental for it to be left out of the conversation.

In this Disney and Pixar Challenge, I will do movie reviews of several of their films. From the first Dinsey film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to the latest. I will also include films from Pixar Animation Studios. Similar to the Oscars Challenge it will be in random order. I will talk about how their animation and story stay relevant up to this time. I will also definitely talk about the titular characters such as Goofy, Simba, Pinnochio, Tarzan, etc. as well as the canonical Disney princesses like Jasmine, Mulan, Snow White, etc. It will be very fun.

The list came from this page in Wikipedia.

I am pretty sure this will be a total roller-coaster ride with so much fun, entertainment, and fascination.

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