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Den-noh Coil (2007) Anime Review

What would happen if Augmented Reality dominated our world? Everything is embedded in our AR glasses, from our daily lives to eternally living pets. Would we be able to live without them if it gives us satisfaction and happiness?

Plot Overview

In 2026, 11 years after the invention of Den-noh Megane (cyber glasses), wearable spectacles powered by AR technology became widespread worldwide. The technology provides several access by simulating real-life objects like pets, tools, etc. It also has a communication functionality that enables you to call or message someone online using the glasses. Children who grew up wearing this technology do not remember what it's like without them.

Yuko Okonogi, or Yasako, moves from the capital, Kanazawa City, to a more provincial state, Daikoku City. The new place is marked with ancient history like temples, shrines, old houses, etc. She meets another person who shares her name, Yuko Amasawa, or Isako. She becomes close friends with her classmates, Daichi, Fumie, and Haraken. They all experience strange events in the Den-noh space and the legends that have plagued their city for a long time.


  • Yuko Okonogi - Yasako is an introvert and only bonds with people close to her. She becomes close friends with Fumie after helping her save her Den-noh pet dog in the AR space. Her personality contrasts with Isako, but she is willing to help needy people. Yasako lives with her quirky little sister and tech-savvy grandmother.

  • Yuko Amasawa - Isako is like the black sheep among everyone in the series for the first half. She acts independently and is willing to do everything for her goals. After beating them in a hacking game, she becomes acquainted with Daichi's ragtag group. She also works as an encoder and a very skilled hacker.

  • Fumie Hashimoto - she becomes close friends with Yasako and treats Isako as a worthy rival. She is also an experienced and skilled hacker who specializes in metatags. She lives with her jealous younger brother, who becomes acquainted with Daichi's group.

  • Kenichi Harakawa - Haraken is a calm, secretive, and shy group member. He has an interest in searching for computer viruses after failing to save his childhood friend Kanna from an accident. He has an aunt who works at the Den-noh Administration and controls the Searchies around the town.

  • Daichi Sawaguchi - He founded the Daikoku Hackers Club and viewed Fumie as his rival. He is very noisy, and his hacking strategy is always to attack. In the middle of the story, he becomes acquainted with Isako but grows jealous because of the difference in their abilities.


Den-noh coil has so much technical jargon that it makes it quite challenging to understand. Even if you are knowledgeable in technology and the virtual or AR space, the anime still uses its own version of some of it.

The most evident theme of this anime is, of course, the effects of technology on people, especially children, how their day-to-day lives get affected by the new and mainstream technology of Augmented Reality devices and the change they must undergo when the system fails. The concept of AR is also embedded in urban legends, ghosts, and other supernatural stories, which makes it virtually realistic.

Its 26-episode anime felt like a breeze. It's not slow-paced, and you can savor it by slowly immersing yourself in its wild and crazy plot.

I like the characters in this anime, but in the back of my mind, I wish the story had fleshed out some of their backstories.

Overall, Den-noh Coil is a good anime if you are looking for a semi-futuristic idea of technology invading our day-to-day culture.

A good 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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