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Cinderella (1950) Movie Review

Cinderella is not only a Disney Princess that almost everyone knows but also part of Disney's history that can never be replaced. Like her glass shoes or the pumpkin carriage, she is celebrated throughout history as one of the most influential animated characters ever.

If Snow White started the Disney Princess tradition, Cinderella established the standards.

Like almost all other princesses, an orphan, Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and stepsisters, Drizella and Anastasia. Her stepmother overworks Cinderella to do household chores for everyone. However, this does not stray our heroine from being an as kind person as she is. She talks with her little mice friends to pass the time in her lonely attic room.

One day the king becomes impatient because his son, the prince, hasn't chosen a possible wife to give him grandchildren. He invites all the maidens in the kingdom to a grand ballroom so that his son will choose one to be his wife. Cinderella hears this and begins preparing a fabulous dress for the ball. Her stepmother also joins the fray and prepares her daughters for the event.

When Cinderella attempts to go to the ball, her stepmother tears her dress and leaves her crying while she and her daughters proceed as planned. Sad and disappointed, she cries when a Fairy Godmother suddenly arrives and fixes her dress. She also transforms her little friends into her attendant and carriage to the event. She also gave her shining glass slippers and warned her that the magic would only last until midnight.

I am still wondering, out of hundreds of maidens in the kingdom, no one, except Cinderella, fit the glass slippers. She must have unique feet.

Cinderella, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, is legendary. Her story is still widely known even though it's been over seven decades. Her significance and influence on children and young adults are something to be admired. Her story establishes what would be the blueprint for future princesses and wicked stepmothers. Her tale might also be one of the most popular, especially to younger generations.

The movie itself felt like a breath of fresh air, especially during the era it was shown. When people were still recovering from the effects of World War II, they needed something new and comforting. Disney movies established before Cinderella, like Pinnochio or Bambi, did not garner much success at the box office. But her film changed the whole ballgame and skyrocketed Disney's sales.

Her legacy garnered the story with a few movie sequels and live-action remakes. If you go to Disneyland, you will see many images or portraits of her hanging around.

It may be a simple story, but it packs a lot of influential moments (and things) that are part of film history.

A solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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