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Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review

Blade Runner's success has been influential for future science fiction movies. A movie that inspired many films because of its tremendous cinematography combining dark-toned shots and futuristic technology. Several animes like Psycho-Pass or Ghost In The Shell thrived from Blade Runner's influence.

You can say that Blade Runner is the successor to the success of Star Wars.

Plot Overview

It's hard to depict the correct version of Blade Runner because it has seven identities, from the initial prototype version to the final cut, released 25 years later.

Basically, the story follows a former police officer named Rick Deckard as his former supervisor ordered him, Bryant, to track down androids known as Replicants and retire them. He was informed that four Replicants illegally entered the Earth and was tasked to terminate them. These androids have the same features as humans. And they can only determine if a person is a Replicant by asking it a set of questions, and its emotional response will be different than humans.

One of the targets, Leon, killed a blade runner while being questioned. Along with his three other replicants, Deckard set out to retire them.

Deckard begins his search by talking to the company's CEO, that makes replicants, Eldon Tyrell. He tries to administer the test to Tyrell's assistant, Rachael, but Deckard announces that she is a replicant who believes she is a human. Tyrell mentions that she was given false memories and has no knowledge of her true nature.

As Deckard's investigation moves closer to Leon, its desire for freedom for them grows stronger.


I don't think there is a more befitting actor for these roles than Harrison Ford. Whether it's Han Solo or Indiana Jones, he perfectly nails every character. His legendary talent is otherworldly, and he will always be among other legends.

Blade Runner is an exciting science fiction film that tackles a more political approach than action. It's one of those films that explains society's fallout through visual representations than actual explanations. Unlike the Star Wars or Star Trek franchises, you don't get to like a particular character, but you are more intrigued by how the world has changed.

The film has several themes but mostly circulates around humanity's perception of androids capable of understanding emotions. Whether Deckard's character is a Replicant or not has been an ongoing question, and it leaves the answer to its audience.

Overall, Blade Runner is an exciting and intriguing film that is hit-or-miss. It's not the best science fiction movie, but it tells a different perspective of what we're accustomed to seeing.

A good 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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