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Beauty and the Beast (1991) Movie Review

I swear if Silence of the Lambs were not nominated at the 64th Academy Awards, Beauty and the Beast would have bagged the Best Picture award. It's a monumental giant that broke through animation stereotypes and challenged future animators to create other world-class animated films. What's even more impressive is that it's a Disney Princess movie.

This is one of Disney's monumental classics and transcends through time.

Plot Overview

The movie begins with an enchantress who offers an enchanted rose to a selfish prince in exchange for shelter. He refuses, and she transforms him into a beast and his servants into household objects. She warns the prince that the curse will be broken if he learns to love and be loved before the last petal falls, or he will remain like that forever.

Meanwhile, Belle, a beautiful book-loving daughter of an inventor named Maurice in a nearby village, frequently avoids Gaston, a narcissistic hunter who wants to marry her because of her beauty. Maurice prepares his newest invention to be showcased at a fair but gets lost along the way. He accidentally enters the Beast's castle but is captured and imprisoned. His horse returned alone. A worried Belle sets out to search for her father. She sneaks into the palace and finds her father imprisoned in a dungeon. She bargains with the Beast to capture her instead of her father, and he agrees.

Belle's time at the castle is not too sad as she starts to befriend the servants. She wanders around the castle and finds the cursed rose. The Beast grew angry and ordered her to flee from the castle. Belle runs through the woods but gets attacked by a pack of wolves. The Beast saves her and gets injured. Belle nurses his injuries and begins to understand him as a person. As time passes by, both develop feelings for each other.


Beauty and the Beast is one of those Disney animated films that will be remembered even after a couple of decades. It's a monumental feat of technology that is still amazing compared to today. Belle and the Beast's final dance is so intricately beautiful that it makes your jaw drop.

Even with superb animation, Beauty and the Beast thrives with its easy-to-understand plot that everyone can easily enjoy. It's a family movie with lots of lessons that can be learned by watching.

I like how Beauty and the Beast balances the drama and humor. Sometimes, you will smile or laugh while feeling its emotional impact. Plus, the songs are absolutely adorable to hear.

A great 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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